Thursday, November 22, 2007

This Time Next Year

Dana and I woke up way too early today for a holiday morning. 6:15 AM. Days ago we registered for the 8K Turkey Trot road race but it did not start until 9 AM so we definitely had at least another hour and a half to sleep. However, our house is filled right now with six dogs (only two are ours), five people (only two of us live here), one bunny rabbit (lives in the garage all the time), five fish (they live here too) and of course the thousand composting worms (all live in the garage with the Bun). That many beings in 1500 square feet of space equals too much chaos to sleep soundly. This was only compounded by the five snoring but beloved dogs who slept in our room with us.

As quietly as we could we dressed and slipped out of the house to make our way to the race start. Somewhere in between here and there I had my second or third breakdown since our guests arrived last night and I cannot speak for Dana but she might have had one also. After arriving at the race start and picking up the coveted long-sleeve race T-shirt, we decided we did not feel much like running so we got back in the car and headed to our favorite state park for a five mile hike instead.

I thrive in the woods and mountains - that is where my soul feels most alive. This hike was just what I needed and I cherish the couple of quiet hours Dana and I were able to spend together. We talked about everything and nothing. We talked about Sweepy-D. And then it occurred to me. This time next year we could have a newborn or the bebe could be making his or her entrance into this world shortly. Wow. I can't even think about Thanksgiving next year, where we should go, what we should do because everything will be dependent on where we are in this whole baby process. It will all be so wonderfully new and different....

Friday, November 16, 2007


We've been preparing. Over six weeks ago I started the prenatal vitamin regime and going to acupuncture once a week. I've been testing and charting like a mad woman. We've gone through the lengthy process of choosing and ordering the swimmers. We've asked a million and one questions of our dear friends who had twin boys in January after four rounds of IUI. And the scary part is no matter how much we prepare and even if all the stars are in perfect alignment, the conception rates are still no better than a roll of the dice. So, in all my hopes and excitement I find a hint of cynicism...and we have only just begun.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is a Sweepy-D?

Feeling rather like those in line to jump on board Space Mountain at Disney World, we have been standing, waiting, watching, moving up in the queue ever so incrementally. Now past the gatekeeper, we have boarded the roller coaster with Dr. W. is our chosen conductor.

Dr. W. founded the Reproductive Endocrinology clinic in our hometown in 1988; he is often regarded as the best Reproductive Endocrinologist in the metro area. After a six week wait for an initial appointment, we me Dr. W. on October 29th, 2007. The bars came down, the cars began pulling away and we are now along for the ride.

The vaginal ultrasound revealed a normal uterus and ovaries with plenty of eggs. Two vials of blood later we were on our way. No Clomid necessary he says. Everything looks in order. All we need now is to purchase half of our child's genetics. It all seems so simple.

Dr. W. tasked me with buying an ovulation predictor kit and monitoring my cycle. When the OPK indicates ovulation is imminent, the lab will draw blood to confirm ovulation. This month and next will be our "dry runs" before the first planned IUI in January.

And now to answer the question I am sure may be lingering. What the heck is a Sweepy-D? Sweepy-D is the moniker for our future child, our appellations for each other transmogrified into one. Let the journey begin.